Saturday, August 14, 2004


The Four Directions

This series is dedicated to Native American Indians. It was conceived with the hope that all who seek these tribal boxes will take time to learn just a little bit about the diversity and depth of Native American history, culture and lore. There are over 500 tribal Nations located across North America, spreading to the four directions; each Nation with their own unique language and customs. We hope to create an interest in the indigenous people represented in this series and their beliefs in the balance and appreciation of all things on Earth.

The Four Directions, which we hold so important to our hobby, are sacred to a great many of the tribes. North, South, East and West coming together at the central point often represents a circular construct of the universe - the four winds from these directions bringing forth the Original Man.

We hope that you enjoy this series. Fellow letterboxers from far and wide have graciously offered their time and artwork to make this project work. We also hope you will come away with a new knowledge and greater appreciation for many of these great and proud people. Enjoy!

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By clicking on one of the 4 directions below,
you will be taken to
a different set of tribes and clues.
Safe journey!

North Direction

East Direction

South Direction

West Direction

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